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My name is Janice Evert. I am very passionate about Australian Opal, particularly Queensland Boulder Opal. I have been associated with Boulder Opal all my life. My father, Vince Evert, was a pioneer of Boulder Opal, mining in the remote Winton Fields in Western Queensland from the 1960's. Queensland Boulder Opal is excitedly different to other Australian Opals, such as Black Opal from Lightning Ridge and White Opal from Coober Pedy. Boulder Opal is gaining momentum in it's following throughout the world.

I am an opal cutter by trade. In the late 1970's I went to Sydney to work with a group of professional opal cutters fine-tuning my skills as an opal cutter and wholesaler of Australian Boulder Opal. I currently sell Boulder Opal within Australia, Japan and America. Some forty years after Boulder Opal's introduction to the international market, we are still discovering alternate direction to utilize this unique gemstone. We now combine exciting new grades of Boulder Opal in silver and gold jewelry. This has made Boulder Opal more attractive, accessible and price friendly to a new client base within the fashion jewelry design industry.

The vivid colours of Boulder Opal give this amazing gemstone a real life persona, un-equalled in stature from any other opal. Each piece is unique in nature.

For those who own a Boulder Opal, wear it often and with confidence. Boulder Opal loves to be worn. Opal comes alive, makes you feel good and you should be excited when wearing this very special gemstone. One day, when you see " That Opal ", it will capture your heart and, just like me, you will become a very passionate lover of Queensland Boulder Opal.      ENJOY!!!
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